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On 5 November, as part of Photobook Week Aarhus, visual artist Maja Ingerslev will launch her new book Ghost Ocean at the Sunday Book Market in Remisen, Godsbanen. The book market will open at 11 am and the book presenters, including Maja Ingerslev, will present their publications at 2 pm. The book market closes at 4 pm.

Ghost Ocean
by Maja Ingerslev

When water molecules rotate in unfathomable herds, dead and living organisms alike move through the ocean, as if the concepts of life and death were material. Maja Ingerslev’s new book Ghost Ocean shows the reader this famous dance between life and death with paper as the symbiotic material. In the essay “The Sea is a Net of Wonder”, writer Rikke Hansen discusses the idea of reading the sea’s own text as a way of reflecting on the current crisis in the seas surrounding Denmark.

The publication is supported by the city of Aarhus (Kulturudviklingspuljen)

Ghost Ocean was created in connection with Maja Ingerslev’s installation “Ghost Ocean” in the exhibition Amazing Nature at Art Centre, 2023.

”A Drop in the Ocean – An Ocean in a Drop”, Video, 14 min. 2021
”Ghost Ocean”, paper cut-out ocean 30 m2. 2021
”Book of Waves”, Artists` Book, stone paper. 2021
”A Sea in a Sea”, Video, 6 min, Artists` Book read under the sea 2021

The underwater art works are created in the sea surrounding Denmark.The works are inspired by our relationship to nature in the present day, which can be both a mutual source of life and a relation of continuous destruction, constant change, loss, and the rising sea levels as a consequence of it. The white paper works refer to death and the white skeletons on the bottom of the ocean, as well as to the new beginnings on an unwritten white sheet of paper. Paper is a delicate material, which invites the viewer to explore the condition of the seascape anew and reflect on ideas about growth, decay, and resurrection.

The book is in both English and Danish.

Maja Ingerslev
Maja Ingerslev is a Danish visual artist, who graduated from the Jutland Art Academy in 2002. Her works are open to a poetic reflection approach to communicating nature’s worth through fragile paper works staged in landscapes, photography and video. She creates works / traces / spaces in nature that makes nature and the human relationship to it visible. The context is our relationship to nature in the contemporary age, with loss of biodiversity and climate change. The works can be understood to be a kind of conversation with nature in the intersection of reality and imagination.

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