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Galleri Image has two collections: a photobook collection that can be found at Gallery Image and which is largely available to the public during our opening hours and The Image Collection, a collection of photographic works that have been donated to Galleri Image by artists behind former exhibitions. 

Book collection
Galleri Image houses one of Denmark’s most impressive collections of photo- and artbooks. The collection contains books by and about Danish as well as international names from every corner of the world. It is not possible to borrow the books and take them home, but all interested parties should feel free to pick out and have a look at one of the books in the grey bookcases in Galleri Image’s lobby area, whether the interest is personal, professional or academic.

Photographic collection
In 2011 Galleri Image started a collection of works from the gallery’s many exhibitions. This collection is based on donations of both Danish and International artworks and the Image Collection is focused on photography, installation-, and video art. The collection sheds light on prominent artistic expressions concerning both documentary and staged photography. Works from the Image Collection are available for loan by museums and other art institutions.

For more information, please contact Galleri Image:

A selection of the Image Collection
Barreto, Luca (BRA) // Grupo Lemanja, 2006
Beers, Ton van (NL) // When Will We Arrive, 2011
Bersang, Mette (DK) // Untitled Interiors #1, 2009
Bors, Magdalena (AUS) // Homeland, The Seventh Day
Calé (BRA) // Elo, 2013
Castrellon, Jose (PAN) // Priti Baiks series 1-3, 2010
Chun, Kyungwoo (KOR) // Being A Queen, 2007/2009
Christensen, Charlotte Haslund (DK) // WHO´S NEXT? 2009
Christensen, Lotte Fløe (DK) // Notes #3, Notes#9 og Notes on an Action, 2011
Dahlgaard, Søren (DK) // HIBALHIDHOO, 2011
d´Orey, Inês (P) // Casa da Música #1, 2006
Eistrup, Michelle (DK) // Wild as the Wind, 2011
Eistrup, Michelle (DK) & James Muruiki (KENYA) // Too Long are Our Memories + Borders, 2010
Enghoff, Tina (DK) // Parkistansk Kvinde 34 år, 2008
Fabricius, Jesper (DK) // Untitled, 2007
Fich, Pernille Koldbech (DK) // Tora Jensen, 2002
Ganieva, Lucia (RUS/NL) // Durkina, Nina Ivanovna, 2006
Gario, Ouinsy & Bernou Schram (Curaçao / NL) // On our Way to Århus we met Holy Crossings, 2011
Gindelsberger, Hans (USA) // I’m in the Wrong Film
Guzman, Antonio Jose (PAN/NL) // Salaam Bombay, 2011 og Gate of the Family, 2009
Ingerslev, Maja (DK) // Slåensø, 2010
Jensen, Johnny (DK) // Uden titel, uden år
Jensen, Astrid Kruse (DK) // Hypernatural, 2004
Kellner, Thomas (D) // Chicago Marina Towers, 2003
Khaburzania, Giorgi (GE) // Music of Being, 2013
Kozyra, Katarzyna (PL) // Summertale, 2008
Kurtzweil, Tove (DK) // Untitled, undated
Lovelace, Tom (UK) // Object Anonymous No.4, 2010
Ludme, Tomas Lagermand (DK) // Working Class Hero, 2009
Madsen, Hans E. (DK) // Untitled, undated
Nielsen, Lisbet (DK) // Untitled, undated
O’Connor, Miriam (IRL) //  Untitled, 2011
Pirogov, Nikita (RUS) // Margarita and Olga, The Tweens, 2010
Sallares, Mireia (E) // Las Muertas Chiquitas, 2006-2009
Schou, Jeanette Land (DK) // Søvn # 10 – Amagerfælled 2003, Minigolfbane med sne – Ribban, Malmø 2010, Far og søn med drage – Ribban, Malmø 2010, Birdscape, video 2011
Storch, Inuuteq (GL) // Keepers of the Ocean, 2019
Søndergaard, Mette Juul (DK) // Untitled, undated
Tong, Kurt (HKG) // The Queen, The Chairman and I, 2012
Vering, Henrik (DK) // Berlin – die Stadt und die Beute, uden år og Der Traum, uden år
Yoo, Youngjin (KOR) // Nowhere – 88H 16min, 2012
ZHANG, Liljie (CH) // Atheist, 2015