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In connection with Guston Sondin-Kung’s exhibition Reconstruction of a Choreographic Script a beautiful and inviting book was published, that we here at Galleri Image are very excited about. The book includes texts by the artist himself, Regino E. Boti, and Jane Jin Kaisen. The book can be seen as both an extention to the exhibition but also as an art work in its own right. The book is for sale on the website but can also be purchased at the gallery.

Works and texts by:
Guston Sondin-Kung
Yvonne Daniel
Johanne Løgstrup
Alfredo Velásquez Carcases
Elfriede Mahler
Jane Jin Kaisen
Melinda Mousouris
Aliuska Castillo Sayú
Stine Hebert
Regino E. Boti

For more information click here 

The last day of the exhibition was on February 26th 2017.


Inside the publication “Time Dead Time Alive”