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Godsbanen is now showing selected works from FRESH EYES – International Artists Rethink Aarhus.

FRESH EYES was an art project made by Galleri Image and Aarhus Literature Center for Aarhus 2017: European Culture Capital focusing on photography, literature and urban environment. Between 2013 and 2016, international writers and artists from Europe, Africa and Asia stayed on Godsbanen, where they worked to reinterpret Aarhus. This led to many exciting suggestions on photographic and literary interpretations of life in Aarhus, which were collected in a book with layout by visual artist Lasse Krog Møller. Since 2018, selected works from the exhibition have been displayed at Godsbanen.

The exhibited photographic and literary works were on display in 2017 in the city of Aarhus in an urban exhibition surrounding Galleri Image in the heart of Aarhus, curated by Gitte Broeng (for a visual portofolio click here). At Godsbanen, it is now possible to experience the works of art made by artists: Hyun-jin Kwak, Markus Henttonen, Miriam O’Connor, Thomas Kellner, LiuJin, Teresa Meka and text installations by the authors: Tsitsi Dangarembga and Amitabha Bagchi.

To read more about the FRESH EYES project and the individual artists click here.

The book can be purchased at Galleri Image, Aarhus Literature Center and in the bookstore on Godsbanen In connection with the opening.