In Our Nature by Mariya Kozhanova

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In Our Nature by Mariya Kozhanova

From August 14, 2020 14:53 to September 20, 2020 16:53


In Our Nature by Mariya Kozhanova

Galleri Image presents the exhibition In Our Nature by the Russian artist Mariya Kozhanova.

The exhibition will showcase brand new artworks consisting of photographs and brass sculptures, objects from nature and gold as an iconic colour and material. Thee artworks in the exhibition will connect and guide the visitors through a moving tale of cultural framing oppose to the human natural beauty. The purpose is to find our way back to nature's balance both outside and within ourselves.  

Nature will be photographed and objects from nature will be physically placed throughout the exhibition space to create a living and present experience of the artworks. Bird nests and flowers will appear as symbols for the child's natural innocence and our growth as human beings, and here you see the connection between the human body and nature. 

Gold will be applied as a symbolic and decorative colour to several artworks. Kozhanova paints with a gloss paint marker with golden ink as a modern technique that maintain the art in present day. Traditionally gold leaf was applied to spiritual portraits of saints as gold is the symbolic threshold between the earthly and holy. In Kozhanova's art gold is the transforming link between the cultural, spirituality and nature. 

Kozhanova creates the link between gold and nature by applying the Japanese technique called “Kintsugi” which involves repairing broken pottery and stones with golden paint. The technique enhances the broken and imperfect as the most beautiful parts of the objects. This transfers to the human being itself in Kozhanova's artworks, as we should consider all of our qualities as fair and natural. 

Galleri Image is very proud to present to Mariya Kozhanova's first solo-exhibition in Denmark. 

The exhibition is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and the City of Aarhus (Kulturudviklingpuljen). 

About the artist
Mariya Kozhanova (b. 1986) lives and works in Berlin. She got her degree in economics and finance in 2008 at Kaliningrad State Technical University. Earlier, in 2007, she took photography classes at the Kaliningrad Union of Photographers, studying analogue camera techniques. Kozhanova has exhibited since 2010 and worked with themes as cosplay, the life of nuns and portraits of Russian youth. In her previous series, she has always been fascinated by the needs of people to believe and to seek for something that lays beyond the ordinary. She worked with memories and legends from the past of her hometown Kaliningrad, which still sees dreams of its Prussian times. She has exhibited multiple times internationally in US, Nepal, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Japan, Russia and Greece.