Summertale by Katarzyna Kozyra and the book launch of The Midget Gallery

In collaboration with Øst for Paradis, Art Cinema, Galleri Image is pleased to present the premiere in Denmark of "Summertale" by Katarzyna Kozyra and the book launch of "The Midget Gallery".

The film "Winter's Tale", also by Katarzyna Kozyra, will be shown as a before the premiere of "Summertale".
Between the two short films Jette Lykke Jensen will deliver a brief lecture on Katarzyna Kozyra and will relate the two films to her artistic praxis. Jette has an MA in Culture and Communication and has analyzed the works of Kozyra, in her thesis on identity as a theme in contemporary art.
After the premiere of "Summertale" Christina Natalicchio, newly appointed director of The Midget Gallery, will discuss The Midget Gallery project in English.
The "Summertale" premiere and the launching of The Midget Gallery book will be celebrated with wine and snacks.
The director Katarzyna Kozyra will be present at this event.

"Summertale" is an independent continuation of "Winter's Tale"and both are part of Katarzyna Kozyras extensive project "In Art Dreams Come True" where various forms of visual, musical and performance art are combined.

"Summertale" is, in keeping with a "Winter's Tale" a baroque fairy tale, where the story from a seemingly idyllic garden - carefully maintained by female dwarfs - takes a macabre/gruesome turn. Where "Winter's Tale" is a variation of Snow White, "Alice in Wonderland" seems to be part of the inspiration for "Summertale". In both movies, the fairy tale genre is combined with horror and melodrama with Katarzyna Kozyra playing a leading role. The films also star the drag queen Gloria Viagra, who in the "In Art Dreams Come True" project teaches Kozyra about femininity, and Maestro, who teaches her about opera and the related performativity. Everything is possible in the filmic universe of Kozyra, where the fairy tale works as a launching pad for investigations into questions of identity and gender. With her staging of different female roles Kozyra plays out stereotypical conceptions of gender and at the same time challenging conventional gender roles.
As in all fairy tales in "Summertale" there are obstacles and surprises along the way and whether the story has a happy ending is not to be revealed here.

At this event the book "The Midget Gallery" will be launched with extensive photographic documentation of the artistic project, where the midgets from "Winter's Tale" have a go at being gallery owners in the art world. The book includes "The Fabulous Adventures of the Midget Gallery" which written in the form of a fairy tale describes the Midgets Gallery's exploration of the relationship between art and commercialism - which isn't without obstacles either.

Galleri Image is co-producer of "Summertale" and the book "The Midget Gallery"