Galleri Image is the oldest photo gallery in Scandinavia, and on October 6 the gallery celebrates its 30th anniversary! Over the years, there have been over 300 exhibitions in our own gallery space, and curator Beate Cegielska has been involved in numerous international exhibitions, many of which have continued as travelling exhibitions. (“Floating, From China”, ”Interferences” and most recently “New Adventures”, among others). Throughout the years, the gallery has collaborated with many talented artists, including some of the most prominent artists working with photography, nationally and internationally. Having furthered the careers of many artists considerably, they have been very exited about these collaborative projects. Through this comprehensive exhibition activity, Image has formed genuine collaborative contacts with a number of institutions and individuals all over the world.

This is why we have decided to celebrate our 30-year jubilee with a generous
publication on photography.

5 betragtninger – Øjne på Stilke
5 approaches – Open Shutter

Having become the greatest collector and transporter of visual information ever, photography is the most central and persuasive visual medium in culture today. Countless strategies are played out in the contemporary photographic arena, which at best can be characterized as multitudinous, decentralized and cross-disciplinary. There is no one dominant school or direction, no centre from which all things stem, but instead numerous different positions, running parallel to each other and a multitude of voices expressing themselves at the same time from a variety of locations. The situation is global in that we no longer find ourselves in a closed national system.

Therefore, we have decided that this anniversary publication should examine the development of the photographic field, as well as its status and future possibilities. We have invited four prominent writers to contribute to the publication with their personal considerations on what they find interesting and important in the world of contemporary photography.

The book is first and foremost about photography and less about the actual history of
Gallery Image whose story must wait for another time.

We have invited American author Dr. Allan D. Coleman to write an essay on photography in an international perspective. With his essay, ’Welcome to the IIC’, he gives a view of the development of the international world of photography from a black and white subculture for the initiated to a mainstream phenomenon with artistic offshoots to all corners of aesthetics. A multitudinous world of images and expressions, where every qualified glance eventually manifests a position in relation to the efforts to define a broader general view and meaning in the endless sea of pictures. Coleman embraces the present state of things, acknowledging, tongue firmly in cheek, his own unimportance in relation to the inexorable flow of images. The optic has triumphed and no one can any longer colonize it as a specific space in art, so ’Welcome to the International Image Community’, where the world shifts constantly between the local and the global.

We have asked Søren Pold, Associate Professor at the Institute of Aesthetic Disciplines, University of Aarhus, to probe the future of photography in a digital perspective. In ’Image Technologies’, Søren Pold recounts the development of digital art from the earliest experiments with old-fashioned data machines to contemporary intervention and chameleon-like art practices, thus outlining and defining the perspectives now appearing on the horizon of the digital era.

Finally, we have invited two art historians, Rune Gade and Louise Wolthers, to contribute separate essays. As inspiration they received the complete list of photographers – more than 900 in all – exhibited by Gallery Image through the years, and with these photographers in mind and on the basis of their subjective viewpoints, they were free to choose their own point of departure. We have not insisted on an art historical approach encompassing the entire field, on the contrary, we have encouraged the authors to discuss the photographs they are most enamoured with, with all the idiosyncratic and passionate excesses this might entail.

Rune Gades essay ’The Gallery of Memory. Exposures, Processing, Afterlife and Shadows’ is a linguistic saunter through a visual landscape, where the two languages unite in a dreaming and associative text woven from crossing trails, borrowing from and explicitly referring to poetry and photography.

Louise Wolthers addresses the historical photograph. In her essay In Retrospect she guides us through picture archives, aided by numerous artists who have, each in their own way, reintroduced the historical photo-document in the context of contemporary art.

The book is rounded off with a short poetic epilogue on blindness by Ali Ram Gilgee.

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