Gallery Image offers several programmes to introduce a broad range of audiences to both current exhibitions as well as the development and role of art photography.
Through our cooperation with ULF (educational programmes for schools in the city of Aarhus), we wish to work closely together with the teachers to customise our courses to specific lessons and time tables. Our courses typically address the lower and upper secondary education, but can also be focused on younger groups. 

Educational Programmes
Please contact us for further information, scheduling questions, etc. 
- Each educational program is about 1,5 hours and can be booked between 1- 5 pm. Tuesday-Friday.
- The capacity of students in one educational programme are max. 28. Teachers are not included in the count, and teachers must be present throughout the visit and program.
- The educational programmes costs 500 dkk.  
  • It can be beneficial to begin the teaching about photography, photoart and introduce Galleri Image to the students beforehand.
  • Materials are often brought by the students themselves. At special occasions materials can be arranged from Galleri Image.
  • Please contact Galleri Image for adaption of the programs and connection between the educational programmes and individual needs for the class.

Choose between two educational programmes:  

1: The themes & visual culture of Photography
Subjects: Arts and Danish/English.
  • Galleri Image or the school choose a subject theme in relation to the current exhibition (or subject matter from the school).
    • Love, loneliness, colours, shadows etc…
  • Tour: The Gallery assistant gives a tour in the current exhibition.
    • During the tour, a dialogue will be encouraged about the theme.
  • Assignment: The students get the task of either individually or in groups to take 5-10 pictures based on the theme. They can take photos of themselves, the exhibition or anything else creative.
    • Afterwards the students will in groups choose the image best portraying the theme. They must write a sentence or two about why they chose that specific image.
  • The program ends with each presenting their choice and arguments to each other.
    • Extra assignment: Choose a medium spontaneously that fits both photo and theme – Remember to tell the reason for the choice.
      • Media-examples: Instagram, Facebook, Newspaper, art exhibition, literary book etc…
Materials: smartphones, pen and paper, maybe theme-specific materials.
Learning goals: analysis and interpretation of photographic art, dialogue and argumentation, group-collaborations.      

2: Photographic History & Techniques
Subjects: Arts, History and Natural/physical science
  • Tour: The gallery assistant will give a lecture about the analogue camera vs. the digital. The tour will contain:
    • Technical differences and similarities and possibilities.
    • How the photography has developed and shaped our general understanding of images and visual culture.
    • The path from image to artwork.
(During the lecture, several examples will be given of pictures and techniques, and a dialogue is encouraged about the different practices)
  • Finishing subject for the lecture: Is the photograph ever without manipulation?
  • Assignment: The students will in groups of two choose one the newest pictures on their phone and manipulate it into three looks: Old, new and very filtered.
    • Afterwards, the students choose the photo, they like the best: The original or one of the manipulated ones – They present their choice and why and their creative process to the rest of the class.
  • The program ends with a discussion about editing today: When is it okay to edit pictures? When is not? And why?
Materials: Camera or smartphone.
Learning goals: Knowledge about the history of photography, the significance and development of photography, source criticism, media conciseness and technical abilities.

Guided tours for other groups

At Galleri Image, we are happy to arrange tours for groups outside the ULF-system - for instance companies, schools, special interest groups, and other institutions. Based on individual needs and wishes, we will arrange a tour of the current exhibition and introduce you to the unique history of our gallery and the development of modern photography.

Please contact us for more information:

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Phone: +4586202429
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