Rana ElNemr on residency in Aarhus

The Egyptian photographer Rana ElNemr visited Aarhus on a residency in September 2016 in connection with “FRESH EYES - International Artists Rethink Aarhus”.
Exhibition duration:
05-09-2016 - 05-10-2016
Rana ElNemr on residency in Aarhus
Rana ElNemr
Rana ElNemr’s practice hinges on the dual process of expanding our visual and conceptual understanding of space (immediate space, such as personal residence or studio space, to more abstract notions of space, such as the city or even imaginary space). ElNemr couples her exploration of spaces, in their many forms and meanings, with a curiosity about new materialities and formats, using photographic prints on archival paper as well as vinyl, 16mm film, 8mm film, animation, audio, as well as the occasional sculpture.

Born in 1974 in Hanover, Germany, Rana ElNemr lives and works in Cairo, Egypt. ElNemr is the cofounder of the independent art space, the Contemporary Image Collective (CIC). Started in 2004, the Collective provides a wide variety of art and media services as a means to develop visual culture and artistic practice, engagement, and discourse. 

Rana ElNemr's residency in Aarhus is supported by CKU - Danish Center for Culture and Development - and Aarhus 2017.