On Sleepwalking

”On Sleepwalking” consists of a series of photographs taken during Adam Jeppesens travels from the North Pole to the South Pole.
Exhibition duration:
09-10-2009 - 15-11-2009
On Sleepwalking
Adam Jeppesen
”On Sleepwalking” by photo and video artist Adam Jeppesen is composed of a series of photographs from the arctic seas and the North Pole, taken during his ongoing travels from the North Pole to the South Pole. While Adam Jeppesen’s previous photographs were dark images taken at night, ”On Sleepwalking” is composed of images of snow-white landscapes with and without the presence of human beings. The photographs are presented as slides mounted in grey graphite light boxes, whose shining grey colors contrast to the images’ light tones.
Adam Jeppesen’s photographs introduce the viewer to a strange and personal view of the arctic surroundings. The photographs are a reference to the arctic seas - sharp, light tones that are almost overexposed and porous, as if they were about to disappear. They form a counterpart to the surrounding landscape that is in danger of melting away in the near future. The images reveal a sense of emptiness, even when there are people present in them. There is something dreamlike in the reflections and the light - the arctic light that seasonally never disappears so that day and night flow into each other and you feel like a sleepwalker.

Adam Jeppesen was born in 1978. He has shown his photographs at a range of solo and group exhibitions in Denmark and abroad in Germany, Belgium, France, and the United States. Among others he is represented in the collections of Museet for Fotokunst, The National Museum of Photography and at the Danish and the Swedish States Arts Foundations.
The German publishing house Steidldangin published “Wake” by Adam Jeppesen in 2008.

For more information visit Adam Jeppesen’s home page.

Welcome to the opening which will take place during the Night of Culture on Friday October 9 at 8 - 10 pm.
Peter Lav will open the exhibition

The exhibition is supported by The Danish Arts Council