they looked on while it happened

THEY LOOKED ON WHILE IT HAPPENED is three artists' individual study of how objects, places and people appear at night, in darkness and artificial light.
Exhibition duration:
02-03-2007 - 07-04-2007
they looked on while it happened
April Gertler, Barak Reiser, Gianluca Maver
Objects, places and people as they appear at night, in darkness and artificial light, is the common theme for the group exhibition THEY LOOKED ON WHILE IT HAPPENED. Gianluca Maver (Italy), Barak Reiser (Israel/Germany) and April Gertler (US), work with this theme from individual perspectives. However, with their current exhibition the artists have created a cohesive series of narratives which examine notions of time and place.
Using a flashlight, Gianluca Maver collects information and evidence like a detective. He searches in dark and empty suburban streets to uncover possible clues to events that might suggest social disorder. Barak Reiser uses long exposures and seeks to show the in-between moments before or after an event takes place. Therefore he is focusing on spaces where a simple action might take place. Although April Gertler also works with long exposures, her images reference cinematic film-noire stills, emphasizing unclear meaning within each image. She photographs possible actors and objects for her landscapes. She pictures a city or place that is everywhere but no where at the same time.

It is in this exhibition that the artists will be bringing their work together for an exhibition that includes 28 images which have been made especially for Galleri Image.

Opening: Friday 2nd of March at 4 - 6 pm.
The artists will be present.
Seminar: Saturday 3rd of March at 2 pm.
Here the artists will talk about their work. 

A catalogue will be launched at the Finnisage on Saturday 7th of April.