35 Senses Kyungwoo Chun Performance for 35th Anniversary of Galleri Image, 2012

35 Senses Kyungwoo Chun Performance for 35th Anniversary of Galleri Image, 2012.
Please find a person whom you haven't met before and shake your hand. The two hands will be bound with cling film and we ask you to write your name on the side of your partner 's hand with the prepared pen.

Please spend 15 minutes together until the ending signal. Except the bound hands you are free to do anything (talking, drinking, smoking …) during the time.

After the ending signal your hands will be free and you are asked to create an image from your experience of these 15 minutes on the prepared piece of paper block. Please be creative to make your personal image but without using any vocabulary.

All the collected images will be presented in the gallery and donated to the gallery collection. * This performance is in combination with Greetings and dedicated to 35 year anniversary of Galleri Image.