Fotobiennalen 2018

28-08-2019 - 29-10-2018
Fotobiennalen 2018
In 2018, Fotobiennalen was held again in Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen. As in 2016, when Fotobiennalen first opened, it was a collaboration between Brandts, Fotografisk Center and Galleri Image. Take a look at the year's programme here.

Galleri Image contributed to Fotobiennalen with the exhibition “New Tactics - moving in a soft field”. The exhibition was open from August 29th to October 28th 2018. The exhibition explored how visual artists mix photography and other genres to create art in a time where both body and image are transformed through technology. 
Both bodies and photographs are improved, transformed and further developed into new realities that affect our identity and our culture. The "soft field" of the exhibition points to both the soft surfaces of the body and to software and computer programming. It is in this dynamic field, the exhibiting artists work. They are inspired equally by our classical visual history, but also by facerecognition software on the Internet. 

The four participating artists were:
 Kristoffer Ørum (DK), Nanna Lysholt Hansen (DK), Sandra Vaka Olsen (NO) og Valérie Collart (FR). The exhibition was curated by Kirstine Autzen, MA in visual culture, artist and for several years communicator of art and photography. During the exhibition period, there were several events in Aarhus, including a seminar, and a a publication with in-depth texts and artist interviews will be published in 2019. 

About Fotobiennalen
Through three exhibitions and an international symposium, Fotobiennalen focused on the post-photographic image and photography in an expanded field. The exhibition in Aarhus  "New Tactics - moving in a soft field" and accompanying seminar explored photographic hybrid forms from both a material 
and a virtual perspective. At Brandts you will meet a large exhibition with 20 artists who investigate the meaning of the digital in regard to our understanding of the photographic image. "Photography to end all photography" was curated by Jesper Rasmussen and Anna Krogh. Finally, Fotografisk Center presents a solo exhibition with the artist duo AVPD, curated by Kristine Kern. Through spatial settings and experiments, the exhibition challenged our traditional understanding of photography as created with a camera and bound to a flat surface. 

As a major part of Fotobiennalen, the three institutions will jointly organize an international full-day symposium in Copenhagen on the post-photographic image in an expanded field. Here you will be able to hear the presentation by international photo theorists and artists as well as some of the biennial's exhibiting artists and other participants who have contributed in various ways to the three exhibitions. For more information see the invitation

Fotobiennalen opened at Galleri Image in Aarhus on Wednesday, 29 August, followed by the opening at Brandts in Odense on Thursday, 30 August. On Friday, 31 August, the international symposium as well as the opening at Fotografisk Center which took place in Copenhagen.

A new collaboration with Portfolio Dialogue
When the second edition of Fotobiennalen opens this Fall, photographers and reviewers from all over the world will for the first time be able to take part in an international online portfolio review. Fotobiennalen’s booking site will launch in June 2018 at Here, photographers will be able to set up online reviews in all of September with a carefully selected reviewer team.