The exhibition include an original video as well as a series of both black and white photographs and color photographs, the latter being created with photographic emulsion. Lisa Strömbeck focuses on how people find comfort in animals and trees.
02-03-2018 - 29-04-2018
For the exhibition, Consolation, at Galleri Image Lisa Strömbeck presented original video work entitled The Oldest Tree in the World. This piece depicts the oldest living tree in the world which is in possession of a 9550-year-old root system at Fulufjället in Dalarna. 

In addition, she showed a unique selection of black and white photographs of trees produced through a liquid photographic emulsion technique on heavy paper. In the exhibition Strömbeck addresses how trees and pets provide a level of comfort and refuge in a society that is moving away from nature, and where people to a greater extent live alone. 
Strömbeck also presented an extension of the photo series In bed (2016) that focused on the physical relationships between humans and other mammals. Strömbeck utilizes the latest research in neuroscience and anthropology, describing the neuro-chemical processes that strengthens the link between humans and animals. Research indicates that body contact between humans and animals lowers stress hormones levels and relieves both physical and mental pain. 
Lisa Strömbeck is born in 1966 in Andrarum, Sweden, graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1999 and works primarily with photography and video. She lives and works in Denmark and Sweden. Her artistic practice is, among other things, focused on the soothing contact between humans and animals. Since 1999 she has exhibited her works in several galleries and museums in Europe and the United States. Strömbeck is represented in large public and private collections, including the Modern Museum and Uppsala Art Museum in Sweden, the Swanljung Collection in Finland, the Danish Art Foundation and the Danish Film Institute in Denmark.

For more information about Lisa Strömbeck:

Saturday March 2nd at 2 pm, Lisa Strömbeck will do an artist talk at Galleri Image. 
This was an opportunity to experience Lisa Strömbeck gave an introduction to her art practice. During this talk, Strömbeck addressed the themes and works in the exhibition, as well as providing insights in to her darkroom-work practices with liquid photographic emulsion. Additionally, she discussed her response and experiences in engaging with the world's oldest tree at Fulufjället in Dalarna. 

The exhibition was supported by Danish Arts Foundation. 

Photography: Lisa Strömbeck: The Last Trees