27-01-2018 - 27-01-2018
Mary Coble
The seminar Acting in Numbers - Linking Photography, Performance and Activism was held on January 27th at 1 PM. The seminar was in connection with the exhibition Acting in Numbers by Mary Coble. Annika Lundgren presented extracts from Winter is Coming - an investigation in progress, inquiring into the relationship between spiritualist practices and the new species of right wing populism that has been emerging in the political landscape over the last 15 years. The project belongs to Lundgren's work series State of Affairs which takes its starting point in various current phenomena and operates with the associative linking of ideas and theories to create new political perspectives. Artist Stense Andrea Lind-Valdan and art historian and critic Rune Gade will participate with a performative dialogue about their current collaborative project Fountain. This - in progress dialogue - will connect performance and photography as well as art history, artistic research, and artistic practice into a productive, personal, and intimate dialogue. The artist Nanna Gro Henningsen will be presenting abstracts from A European Afternoon - a cycle of songs for unequal voices and a video montage presenting a historical and mythical take on the politics and humanitarian crisis of contemporary Europe. The metofology and historiography of the work is that of montage from art and literature to news media and refers to the dialectical image of Walter Benjamin's esthetic thinking.

Moderator of the seminar is Judith Schwarzbart, rector of The Jutland Art Academy. 


Mary Coble, Jakob Niedziela, Sara Arenfeldt, Timo Viialainen and Nicolai Nielsen presented a live work and facilitated a panel discussion.

Annika Lundgren, artist, currently based in Gothenburg and presently Deputy Artistic Director at Skogen. She has been employing imagery and gestures of marginalized forms of knowledge production in her previous work such as the performance series Strategies of Magic, using them as tools to locate the political in different contemporary contexts.
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Stense Andrea Lind-Valdan, a Copenhagen, Denmark based artist who works with painting in the extended field. Her work is based on a painterly, formal, and autobiographical approach expanding into photography, performance, and written poetry, dealing primarily with issues such as motherhood, love, violence, and desire. 
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Rune Gade, a Copenhagen, Denmark based Art Historian and critic as well as an Associate Professor in the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies at the University of Copenhagen. He specializes in Danish and International contemporary photography's history and theory, performance, gender theory, and feminism, picture pornography, museology and exhibition analysis and art criticism. 

Nanna Gro Henningsen, a Copenhagen, Denmark based artist who works with instillation, text, photography and video. Her method is to implement the fragment as a grammatical element in spacial, linguistic or iconographic montages. In order to create new readings or breaks in conventional cultural, political or historical imaginations, challenging the concept of history. 

The seminar was held in collaboration with The Jutland Art Academy and took place at the academy.

The exhibition and seminar is supported by: The Danish Arts Foundation, City of Aarhus and BUPL’s Solidaritets- og Kulturpulje.