Correspondence is an exhibition located in the field between visual art and literature. Five experimental authors and artists are taking part. They all move entirely naturally between one medium and the other, often on the basis of concrete registrations of reality that are part of their photographic and text-based works.
30-10-2015 - 20-12-2015
visual art, literatur
Ann Cotten (US/AT), Victoria Durnak (NO), Christian Yde Frostholm (DK), Audun Mortensen (NO), Amalie Smith (DK)


Correspondence is an exhibition located in the field between visual art and literature. Five experimental authors and artists are taking part. They all move entirely naturally between one medium and the other, often on the basis of concrete registrations of reality that are part of their photographic and text-based works.

“Painting is silent poetry, and poetry a painting that speaks,” according to the poet Simonides of Ceos (c. 556-469 BCE). Since antiquity attempts have been made to define the similarities and differences between literature and visual art. The practitioners bridging both can be seen as some of the most intrepid explorers. Aesthetic inquirers driven not by the expectation of definitive answers, but by the inquiry itself.

In the text fragments and photographs in Photographing FLORIDA ROOMS Ann Cotton, for example, reflects on an earlier project. Eleven Kinds of Loneliness is the title Victoria Durnak has given her installation of obstructed portraits from a constantly expanding picture archive based on material found on the Internet. Christian Yde Frostholm has botanised in Lisbon and mixes a photographic herbarium, text and installation in Urban Botanics.

The title of the exhibition is inspired by a poem-photograph in Per Højholt’s hybrid work Provinser (‘Provinces’) from 1964, in which poems and photographs appear side by side. In the posthumously published Per Højholt – Samlede digte (‘Per Højholt – Collected Poems’), the photographs, strangely enough, have been edited out, leaving the poems alone. Coping with dual or multi-medial works is apparently still a challenge for some. Although there are signs of a new openness. Amalie Smith recently received the Danish Crown Couple’s Rising Star Award for her work as an author and visual artist. At Galleri Image she shows infrared photographs that correspond with her 2014 novel Marble.

The book accompanying the exhibition contains excerpts of the novel in facsimile. It also presents texts by the other four participants in the exhibition, like Audun Mortensen’s conceptual long poem Mine bestillinger (‘My Orders’), which consists of repeated confirmations of his book orders from the online bookshop Adlibris. In the exhibition he shows framed pages of books.

The exhibition and book Correspondence are curated by the author Gitte Broeng, who is also exhibiting Show (Provinces) – a collaboration with the artist Lasse Krog Møller – in Galleri Image’s Demoroom

Exhibition opening: Friday October 30th from 4-6pm at Galleri Image. The artists will be present.
Readings: Saturday October 31st at 2pm at Galleri Image with Victoria Durnak, Christian Yde Frostholm, Audun Mortensen, Amalie Smith and Gitte Broeng. 

About the artists:
Anne Cotten (US/AT):Anne Cotten, born in 1982, Iowa, USA grew up in Vienna. She currently lives and works between Vienna and Berlin. Her first poetry collection, Fremdwörterbuchsonnette (Suhrkamp 2007), was well received by critics. Amongst other works, she published I, Coleoptile (Broken Dimanche Press 2010) in collaboration with artist Kerstin Cmelka, and she contributed to the literature journal, Den Blå Port, (The Blue Gate) No. 93/94, with GLOSSAR. Atrappen, digte og fotografier (translated by René Jean Jensen). She has been awarded various literature prizes, most recently the Ernst Bloch-Förderpreis and the Klopstock-Preis (2015) in Germany.

Victoria Durnak (NO):
Victoria Durnak, born in 1989, lives and works in Oslo. She graduated from Oslo National Academy of Arts in 2014 and holds a MFA degree from the Sandberg Institute at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. She frequently works in the fields of performance and installation art, where she combines text, photo/video and objects. Amongst others, Durnak has participated in exhibitions in Helsinki, Stockholm, Rennes, Vienna and Amsterdam.  In 2010, she made her first debut with the poetry collection Stockholm sier (Stockholm says) (Flamme Forlag). Since then, she has published several books of poetry and prose. Her latest novel Target was published in 2015 by Flamme Forlag. 

Christian Yde Frostholm (DK):
Christian Yde Frostholm, born in 1963, lives and works in Copenhagen. He graduated from Forfatterskolen in 1986. Since his poetry debut in 1985, he has published several books, such as short prose and the novel Selvportræt med dyr (Self-portrait with animals) (Gyldendal, 2011). Frostholm edited the literature and art website Afsnit P from 1999-2009. He combines text and photography in his latest novel, Paris en brugsanvisning (Paris a user guide) (The Piccadilly Exhibition Company, 2013), which was nominated for Bukdahls Bet and Montanas Litteraturpris (Montana’s Literature Award). At The Royal Library of Denmark, he is currently exhibiting his mixed-media project Pessoas træ.

Audun Mortensen (NO):
Audun Mortensen, born in 1985, lives and works in Oslo. He has participated in various international exhibitions, most recently at the Gagosian Gallery in New York, Futura Gallery in Prague, and V1 Gallery in Copenhagen.  The Norwegian paper, Aftenposten, awarded Mortensen the prize, “Best Poetry Debut of the Year” for Alle forteller meg hvor bra jeg er i tilfelle jeg blir det (Everyone tells me how good I am in case I will be) (Flamme Forlag 2009). Since then, he has published six books of poetry and prose, along with various ’zines’ (texts and images). His conceptual prose book, The Collected Jokes of Slavoj Žižek (Flamme Forlag 2011), has been translated into eight languages. The novel, Samleren (The Collector), was recently published by Flamme Forlag.

Amalie Smith (DK):Amalie Smith, born in 1985, lives and works in Copenhagen. She graduated from Forfatterskolen in 2009 and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2015. Smith has exhibited The Sponge Diver at The Museum of Contemporary Arts in Roskilde, where text, images, and objects were combined. She has published six books to date, most recently, Marble (Forlaget Gladiator 2014) as well as participating in the project Art Writing by Aarhus Centre for Literature. Smith has been awarded several prizes and working grants for her books. Most recently, she received the Danish Crown Couple’s Rising Star Award for her work as an artist and writer.

Gitte Broeng (DK):
Gitte Broeng, born in 1973 is based in Copenhagen and Aarhus. She obtained a MA in Literature and Art History from Aarhus University in 2001. For a number of years, she worked at Galerie Asbæk and Martin Asbæk Gallery, and edited the literature journal, Den Blå Port (The Blue Gate). Her first poetry collection, Interiør (Interior), was published in 2006. She frequently collaborates with other artists, such as the manuscript she wrote for Yvette Brackman’s performance AGIT MEM at Overgaden, Institute for Contemporary Art in 2014. Broeng has received several travelling and working grants from the Danish Arts Foundation, and other institutions. Her first novel, Frøken Klokken (Miss Clock), was published in 2015. 

The exhibition is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and Aarhus City Council’s Cultural Development Fund.