Host, House, Hourglass by Elisabeth Molin

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Host, House, Hourglass by Elisabeth Molin

Fra January 13, 2023 16:00 til March 05, 2023 17:00


Host, House, Hourglass by Elisabeth Molin

Galleri Image presents the exhibition Host, House, Hourglass by Elisabeth Molin, which opens on January 13 from 4-6 pm. 

Host, House, Hourglass is a story in the form of an exhibition about inhabiting spaces; mentally, bodily and physically, about belonging to spaces and the notions of being (or not being) at home.  

As an extension of Molin’s previous work, in which she explores abstract concepts such as gravity, rhythm, and closeness, the exhibition is made as a temporary assemblage, where domestic objects from temporary homes extend and displace the filmic stories created in these spaces. The predominantly found and later transformed objects become carriers of a story in the way that they have been cut, touched and marked, and create new associations between mental and physical space.

Elisabeth Molin (b. 1985) is a Danish visual artist based in London, from where she holds a BFA from Chelsea College of Art and an MFA from Royal College of Art. She has shown her work, among other places, at the National Museum of Lithuania in Vilnius, The KW Institute in Berlin, Wiels in Bruxelles, Belmacz and Sundy in London, LLLLLL and Das Weisse Haus in Wien, ISCP and Maw in New York, and at Lagune Quest and Sixty Eight Art Institute in Copenhagen. She has shown her videos as part of Images Festival in Toronto, Stuttgarter Filmwinter in Stuttgart, and The Medrar Video Festival in Cairo.
In Molin’s practice, she works with the tension between photography, video, installation, and performance. Her works can be characterised by an interest in deconstructing barriers between physical surroundings and mental spaces, using mixed media as a catalyst for forcing these spheres closer towards each other.

Conversation between Elisabeth Molin and Anne Kølbæk Iversen
In conjunction with the exhibition, Galleri Image have invited Elisabeth Molin and Anne Kølbæk Iversen, postdoc in Aesthetics and Culture at Aarhus University to participate in a conversation about how objects act as vessels of meaning and how they can represent a sense of belonging. Here, Elisabeth Molin will also expand on the exhibition itself.  The seminar will take place on 4 Februrary at 2 pm. More information to follow.

The exhibition is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, The Augustinus Foundation, the Obel Family Foundation, DJ:Fotograferne, and Den Hielmstierne-Rosencroneske Stiftelse.

Photo: Elisabeth Molin, set of ends. Video still.