Gitte Broeng

Gitte Broeng is the curator of the FRESH EYES exhibition.
01-01-2017 - 29-10-2017
Gitte Broeng
Gitte Broeng is the curator of the FRESH EYES exhibition that will take place at six different 'stations' – both indoor and outdoor – at Galleri Image and in the surrounding urban space. Showing literary texts and photographic works by the 18 participants. Gitte is working with literature as well as visual art, often in relation to specific sites and places, which makes her a perfect fit for FRESH EYES. The exhibition is laid out in a way that invites visitors to explore the exhibited works within a micro-geography.

Gitte Broeng (1973) is a Danish author and has a degree in Literature and Art History from Aarhus University. Gitte made her debut with 'Interiør', a collection of poetry in 2006 and since then she has published a number of books. In addition, she was a co-editor of the literary magazine 'Den Blå Port' during the years 2008-2012. She has collaborated with visual artists on numerous occasions. The collaborative book project 'Skarpretteren' by visual artist Ursula Reuter Christiansen, graphic designer Louise Hold Sidenius and Gitte Broeng was awarded with Schadeprisen 2016. For Galleri Image Gitte curated the group exhibition 'Korrespondance', presenting works by artists who are both writers and visual artists, and she also edited the accompanying book, 2015.

Selected publications:
Oliekrisen (radio play)
PUZZLE t.w. Lasse Krog Møller (one act play)
Frøken Klokken (novel)
Lima India Foxtrot Echo (artist's book/poetry)
Croquis (short prose)
Planetbyen (short prose)
Interiør (poetry)

Selected exhibitions:
Fuga, Udstillingsstedet Spanien 19C, Aarhus
Vizura Aperta 2017, Art Festival, Croatia
PUZZLE t.w. Lasse Krog Møller, 'die raum', Berlin