Markus Henttonen

The Finnish artist Markus Henttonen was on residency in Aarhus for FRESH EYES in august 2015 where locations in Aarhus came under the inspection of his particular photographic eye.
20-08-2022 - 20-08-2022
Markus Henttonen
The Finnish artist Markus Henttonen (b 1976) was on residency in Aarhus for FRESH EYES in august 2015 where locations in Aarhus came under the inspection of his particular photographic eye. Henttonen started working with documentary photography in the 90s when he, due to his interest in skateboarding, decided to photograph skateboarders for Finnish magazines, since he didn’t think that the existing images where of sufficient quality. Henttonen’s photographs have since then been moving towards a more narrative style – albeit without staging or attempts to control the action in front of the camera. The photography of Markus Henttonen is storytelling, cinematic and poetic. His timeless and beautiful images of landscape and people create palpable atmospheres and lingering moods. Markus has a prominent style that is at the same time sensual and honest with a tiny hint of melancholy underneath. Henttonen’s works deal with the relationship between people and their everyday environment. He is interested in those places and situations that might at first glance appear mundane – but in reality are far from it. His photographs of anonymous locations and everyday events are often clouded in a melancholy ambience. The images in the photographic series Silent Night from 2012-14 are examples of this. Here, Markus Henttonen has photographed houses, driveways, and front lawns, decorated with fairy lights and cleansed of all human activity. Bathed in the artificial light, the images acquire an almost hyperreal expression, making the houses appear more like scale models than actual places.

Bio: After graduating from Turku Arts Academy in Finland in 2002 Markus Henttonen moved to Barcelona where he created his first personal art project “Paral-lel City”, which was published as a book and exhibition in 2004. Since then he has shared his time between art and commercial photography working with numerous editorial and commercial clients and having his works shown in over 100 solo- and group exhibitions throughout Europe.

Markus Henttonen has released three monographs, most recent “Twisted Tales – Road to Hope” worldwide via Hatje Cantz. Lately his works have been exhibited in major International group shows alongside renowned artists such as David LaChapelle, Pierre&Gilles, Martin Schöller, Mitch Epstein and Robert Polidori. His works are held in public and private collections in Finland, USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Spain, and the Netherlands.

Markus Henttonen currently lives and works between Berlin, Barcelona and his native country Finland.

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