Teoretisk Tirsdag at Gallery Image: The anthropocene

On October 4th 2016 Teoretisk Tirsdag took place at Galleri Image.
04-10-2016 - 04-10-2016
Teoretisk Tirsdag at Gallery Image: The anthropocene
Teoretisk Tirsdag
Teoretiske Tirsdage is a platform for participatory research and discussion of aesthetic theory and philosophy. The discussions operate under the “Each One, Teach One“ model, which proceeds as follows:
- every Tuesday a new text is introduced and discussed
- these are chosen by one or more members of the participating group
- the people who chose the text introduces the material
- all participants take turns to perform this gesture

These evenings represent an informal setting where participants are all heard and this creates a basis for dynamic and distinctive discussions. This particular Tuesday Jan Løhmann Stephensen, lecturer at Aarhus University, selects the text. The focus is on the concept of 'The anthropocene', a proposed new geological era caused by human impact on the planet that will leave its mark millions of years into the future, as well as an active philosophical concept which can be used to understand our current ecological situation.

This project has been established in close coorperation with its Swiss counterpart Theory Tuesdays which was founded in 2009 and organised and coordinated by Phillip Matesic. Read more at the Danish project website: www.teoretisketirsdage.net

Selected texts:
- Dipesh Chakrabarty: “The Human Significance of the Anthropocene”, Reset Modernity ed. by Bruno Latour, MIT Press, 2016: 189-199. (Coming soon)
- Holly Jean Buck: “On the Possibilities of a Charming Anthropocene”, Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 105:2 (2015): 369-377 Find it here: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/00045608.2014.973005

It is recommended that you read the selected texts in advance.