Galleri Image highlights the Hasselblad Award

In connection with the announcement of winner of Hasselblad Award 2015. Galleri Image showcased a range of photobooks by previous award winners.
13-02-2015 - 09-03-2015
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Galleri Image highlights the Hasselblad Award
Hasselblad Award

Galleri Image highlights the Hasselblad Award

Discover winners of the Hasselblad Award from 1980 to today

The Hasselblad Award is an international photography prize, awarded on an annual basis to a photographer whose extensive career within the photography industry has been especially remarkable. Each year the prize recipient is chosen by a jury of international photography experts which changes with each prize. Classic photographic names such as Henri Cartier-Bresson (1982), William Eggleston (1998) and Ansel Adams (1981) have all received the award, which was created in 1980 by Swedish couple Erna and Victor Hasselblad (the latter was also the inventor of the famous Hasselblad camera system). With the exception of the year 1983, the Hasselblad Award has been awarded annually ever since, and among other things the prize recipient earns a considerable financial grant as well an exhibition at Sweden’s Hasselblad Center in Gothenburg.

In connection with the announcement of this year’s Hasselblad Award, which will be publicized 6 March 2015, Galleri Image will showcase a range of photobooks by previous award winners. The selection includes Japanese photographer Ishiuchi Miyako who received the award in 2014, and whose work ‘Mother’s’ (2000 – 05) gained widespread recognition at the 2005 Venice Biennale. Throughout her career, which spans more than 35 years, Miyako has portrayed Japan’s post-war period in an exceptionally personal manner and has been able to establish herself as a female artist in the largely male-oriented Japanese photography milieu. The book published in the wake of Miyako’s Hasselblad achievement contains images from ‘Mother’s’ where Miyako photographed the possessions of her deceased mother, as well as from the series ‘Hiroshima’ (2007) where she portrays items of clothing belonging to the victims of the Hiroshima bombing during WWII and ‘Silken Dreams’ (2010), which documents the declining Japanese silk industry.

Galleri Image will also be showcasing books by a range of other Hasselblad winners, including Sophie Calle (2010) and Joan Fontcuberta (2013). Sophie Calle’s photographic work is known to explore the relationship between images and text and themes such as identity and fiction in a highly conceptual manner. In her series ‘Detective’ (1980) Calle allowed herself to be followed by a private investigator hired by her mother, leading the unknowing detective around parts of Paris which were special to her, while in the series ‘The Hotel’ (1981) Calle worked as a chamber maid at a hotel in Venice with the sole purpose of photographing the rooms and personal belongings of the hotel guests. In 2013 the Hasselblad Award was granted to Catalan photographer Joan Fontcuberta who exhibited work at Galleri Image in 1981, and who like Sophie Calle works in a conceptual manner. In ‘Fauna’ (1987) Fontcuberta worked with Pere Formiguera in exploring an unknown German zoologist’s archives of strange creatures, while ‘Sirens’ (2000) consisted of an exhibition of fabricated mermaid fossils.

The books mentioned above are merely a small selection of the photobooks which will be on display at Galleri Image from Friday 13 February 2015. Galleri Image will furthermore make an announcement once this year’s Hasselblad Award recipient has been announced.