Tom Lovelace besøger Aarhus

Det tværfaglige projekt FRESH EYES - international artists rethink Aarhus er et samarbejde mellem Galleri Image og Aarhus Litteraturcenter. Det blev initieret i 2013 med besøget af Tom Lovelace og vil forløbe frem til 2017.
01-08-2013 - 30-08-2013
Tom Lovelace besøger Aarhus
Tom Lovelace
Tom Lovelace spent the month of August 2013 in Aarhus as artist in residence for project FRESH EYES; programmed and hosted by Galleri Image and Aarhus Centre for Literature. During this research visit Lovelace attempted to immerse himself into the fabric of Aarhus, gaining a unique insight into the character of the city and its inhabitants. This research has provided him with a rich platform of experiences, observations and visual material with which he iscurrently constructing a new series of work for FRESH EYES. In addition, Lovelace facilitated a public photography workshop at Godsbanen and provided an artist talk at Galleri Image.
Lovelace has developed an art practice which is rooted in photography, but also incorporates sculpture and staged, performative events. He is interested in both the possibilities and boundaries between the photograph and the sculptural object. His subject matter manifests in the everyday, minimal and seemingly mundane objects and environments that surround us. Through photography Lovelace transforms and reconfigures the ‘everyday’ within new visual structures and narratives. It is this process of transformation that Lovelace is pursuing in his preparation for FRESH EYES.
Lovelace’s project will culminate in two separate bodies of work. The first will consist of a range of photographic prints and objects which present fragments of and for the city; stripped down to minimal components and reflections. Lovelace is currently constructing a series of photographic sculptures, which are made in response to his Aarhus residency. He will be returning to Aarhus in 2014 to collect further visual material. The second presentation of work will take place during 2017 where Lovelace will unveil an installation within the city of Aarhus. This installation will effectively trace and document the year through photography in its most basic elements: the rays of the sun.The installation will also provide a meeting place for both residents and tourists to meet, socialise and reflect.

Tom Lovelace lives and works in London. He studied Photography and Art History at the Bournemouth Arts Institute and Goldsmiths College, London. Lovelace’s practice fuses photography with sculpture and performance. His approach is influenced by Minimalism and conceptual strategies. His subject predominantly takes form throughman‐made objects and the transformation of everyday raw materials.

Recent exhibitions include Projects 05 (Contemporary Art Society, London, 2014) Totemand Taboo (Unseen Amsterdam, 2013), In Preparation for Arles (Les Rencontres d'Arles,2013), Uncommon Ground (Flowers Gallery, London, 2012), Work Starts Here (SonGallery, London, 2012), Ristruttura (Project B Gallery, Milan, 2012) and Gouge:Disruptions in Landscape Photography (Galleri Image, Aarhus, Denmark, 2011).

Lovelace's work has also been exhibited at the Royal West of England Academy, ICA and Oriel Davies Gallery, UK. In 2008 Lovelace was selected for the Terry O'Neill Award and was the recipient of the Surface Gallery prize, Nottingham. In 2009 Lovelace received a Rhubarb Rhubarb Bursary with related exhibitions at Rhubarb East, Birmingham and Flowers Gallery, London. In 2012 Lovelace was awarded an Anna Mahler Residency in Spoleto, Italy, where he continues to research the history of the photogram and the concept of the readymade. Features and reviews include Philosophy of Photography, Source Photographic Review, Ny Dansk Kunst, The Photographers Gallery, Art Licks,Time Out London, Contemporary Arts Society, The Rebel Magazine, a‐n, The Guardianand the Financial