Gallery Image offers several programmes to introduce a broad range of audiences to both current exhibitions as well as the development and role of art photography.
Through our cooperation with ULF (educational programmes for schools in the city of Aarhus), we wish to work closely together with the teachers to customise our courses to specific lessons and time tables. Our courses typically address the lower secondary education, but can also be focused on younger groups. 

Educational Programmes
Please contact us for futher information, scheduling questions, etc. 

1: Subject: Art, Photography, Danish Language and Culture
Title: Visual Culture and Personal Experience
This course gives the pupils the opportunity to articulate visual culture and personal experience on the basis of content analysis, thematic analysis, and active artistic creation.
We work on the basis of a specific theme: e.g. love, loneliness, colours, shadows, etc. The theme must connect with the current exhibition in the gallery, but it can be relatively general. We give the pupils an assignment where each pupil (or group) takes 5-10 photographs that fit into the chosen theme. In Gallery Image, we present the gallery, the exhibition, and how the chosen theme relates to the art in the exhibition. Then the pupils form groups where they pick out which photograph of all the ones taken, they think is the most relevant, now that they have heard the presentation. The pupils present their chosen photograph and explain their choice.
2: Subject: Art, Photography, Danish Language and Culture
Title: The Historical View – the Photograph as a Witness of Truth
This course gives the pupils an understanding of how the development of the photograph has affected our general understanding of images and visual culture. 
The development of the photograph and its impact on visual culture. Analogue camera vs. digital camera. We present how the two types of camera work, their technical differences, and the road from motif to photographic work.  We show different photographs (historical, contemporary, manipulated, etc.) and discuss with the pupils how they experience them. We discuss the differences between earlier photographs and contemporary photographs. What has photo manipulation done to our experience of a photograph? We discuss the pupils’ understanding of photo manipulation. Is putting a filter on a photograph manipulation, etc.?

Title: Fresh Eyes
Time specific programme. This course relates to an open air exhibition which runs from October 12th to 29th 2017.
See your own city with FRESH EYES! In this course the pupils must choose and then photograph a motif in Aarhus. We send out material to the teachers, so you can prepare a short intro to the chosen motif. When the pupils visit Galleri Image, we will talk about their photographs, contextualize them, and introduce tools for a more structured analyses of art photography. After which we will go on a short city walk in the urban space exhibition and compare it to the pupils’ own photographs.

Guided tours for other groups
At Galleri Image, we are happy to arrange tours for groups outside the ULF-system - for instance companies, schools, special interest groups, and other institutions. Based on individual needs and wishes, we will arrange a tour of the current exhibition and introduce you to the unique history of our gallery and the development of modern photography.

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