Tears in Rain

Exhibition duration:
27-09-2013 - 10-10-2013
Tears in Rain
Jens Axel Beck
In regard to the exhibition series of Koh-i-noor in the Demo Room, I have chosen this short text to accompany my exhibition:  

Something as ordinary as a phone booth has graced the view from my kitchen window the years I have been living in my apartment. Exactly right to the day a man came and suddenly removed it. The act left a gap in the strategic placed tiling of the pavement, and the specific area where the phone booth used to be was blocked off. This road block towered as a final testimony of the incident. The road-block was removed some time later and the gap was then decorated with new tiles. By enforcing the regularity of the pavement the tiles has erased the episode forever.  
I do not remember if it happened last year or the year before that and perhaps the episode is not of any particular importance. However, the incident affected me nonetheless since I experienced it as an elusive testimony of the emergence of the future and the disappearing of the past.