Heidi Hove's work WINDOW is second in the series of exhibitions by the artist collective Koh-i-noor. Hove has occupied the room with a video, allowing a view into an everyday scene from Dubai, which reflects on the idea of the passive viewer.
Exhibition duration:
13-09-2013 - 26-09-2013
Heidi Hove
For more than 100 years windows have been used to convey private dilemmas. Often, in these window settings the viewer is presented with a protagonist facing life out side. Though, when limited by the means of the window frame, it contributes to the idea of a diminished spectator.
In the window of the Demo Room a TV screen is placed featuring everyday life in Dubai (UAE), a random day in February 2013. As spectators we passively become bystanders to the many by-passers on the pedestrian at the largest shopping centre in the world. Now, in Aarhus through the window frame of the Demo Room, and as a window in the window, the spectator observes a limited view from the every day scenery in Dubai. In the moment we bring ourselves to a halt in front of the window; we transform our dynamic bypassing into a still leben of passivity. However, the spectator in Heidi Hove’s video work is in constant movement. But regardless any scrutiny, life continues and the wandering of the by-passers maintain invariable – but is it possible, we encounter without any notice?  

WINDOW (TRT 7:43min) is part of a series of exhibitions by Koh-i-noor in the Demo Room.