Lovro Japundžić. Photo credit: Mette Bersang.


Residency in January

In collaboration with PARALLEL - European Photobased Platform and Aarhus Center for Visual Art, from 13 January to 18 January, Galleri Image hosts the Croatian curator Lovro Japundžić. During his residency, Japundžić is being introduced to the Aarhus art scene and doing prepatory work for an exhibition for Galleri Image opening in August 2019. During his stay in Denmark, he did a talk about his curational praxis on 14 January. 

Lovro Japundžić, born 1990 in Zagreb, Croatia, holds a Master’s in Art History and Sociology. He works as an associate curator at the Miroslav Kraljevic Gallery (GMK) in Zagreb – where he organized his first solo shows – and as an assistant curator at the Organ Vida Photography Festival. Apart from curating, he works as a producer for BADco. – a collaborative performance collective, and also co-runs the collective Ziva Muzika, bringing boundary-pushing electronic music to his hometown of Zagreb. He regularly writes essays and art reviews for local and international magazines.

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