This Island Earth goes to Finland and China

In 2017 we produced the exhibition This Island Earth including five Icelandic artists. Now, the exhibition is going on tour in Finland and China. Read more about the exhibition here.  

The exhibition will first be shown in the Northern Photographic Centre in Oulu in Northern Finland. Galleri Image and Northern Photographic Centre are both members of Nordic Photographic Network, which was established in 2012, now holding 8 nordic photographic institutions. Read more about the network here. This Island Earth exhibition will be on display in Oulu from May 19 - June 08, 2018. For further information about the exhibition, click here

Later this year, This Island Earth exhibition can be experienced at the Chinese Photo Festival, The Pingyao International Photography Festival, held in the historic city of Pingyao in the Shanxi province. The exhibition will be displayed during the festival, which lasts from the 19th to the 25th of September. For more information about the Chineese photofestival, click here